Sunday, 3 February 2013

Talend - Merge Files

Scenario 1:
  • One file has 50 rows and another file has 30 rows
  • If you want to combine both and need to get output as 80 rows
  • Read the both files with tFileInputFullRow
  • Combine the files with tUnite component
Please find the screenshot below

Scenario 2:
  • One Template File is there 
  • Daily I am getting files and I expected format of Template file
  • If format is same then I want process those.
  • Read the both files with tFileInputDelimited
  • Join (Left outer Join) the both files using with tJoin / tMap 
  • Note: TemplateFile should be connect with Lookup  and capture the output from Main Section 
Please find the screenshot below

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